The secret to getting a $500 bike for $150

Bikes can be quite expensive and if you’re a new biker there’s really no reason to invest a huge amount into a new piece of equipment. I’m gonna give you all the lowdown on how I purchased my Townie cruiser for only $150. They normally go for a starting price of $500 and they’re manufactured by Trek, a very reputable bike company. So how did I get mine for such a low price?

This is a total hidden secret that you would only know if you worked in a bike rental shop, like I did 😉

Every year bike rental shops renew their line and get new bikes, selling their old bikes at an extremely low price. These bikes are sturdy frame, great quality, and their only downfall? they’re used.

When you buy a new bike it’s important, more than anything to get a bike with a sturdy but light frame so you’re not dragging around a hunk of metal and tiring yourself out. You also don’t want something that will rust easily or break easily. So it is good to invest in a GOOD bike but this is the secret to keeping your costs low.

I purchased my used Townie from the shop I used to work in in South Beach and they did give me an employee discount so I got it slightly cheaper at $110. But I also got paid $9 an hour to work there so I deserved it people.

The shop I worked at was Bike & Roll and while I don’t necessarily like to give them shout-out… they do sell great bikes at a low price. There were cruiser bikes, straight-bar, and road bikes for sale when I last went. They’re located on 210 10th Street in Miami Beach.

So while these bikes are scratched-up and heavily used, you just have to make an investment in getting them tuned up (or just do it yourself, we are in the era of YouTube).

Personally, I did not have to get new tires, they still have plenty tread and I can last a bit longer with them (and I’ve had my bike for over 2 years). I definitely do have to change the brake lines and get new spokes but nothing crazy.

So, this is how I got my great bike at a low price and I hope you all take advantage of this secret and get to biking!

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