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Airport Greeter

Don't navigate the Miami airport by yourself! Especially if you have a big group arriving to the airport, I can direct you all to your charter bus or welcome your guests in luxury.

Everglades Airboat Adventure

Ride along the Everglades on a small, private airboat with your group.

Hotel Referral

Need some recommendations or are you unsure of which neighborhood to stay in? Check out my neighborhood guide!!

Real Estate Tours

Are you a new real estate agent in Miami? It definitely helps to know the area you're selling in. Book me for a tour to impress your clients of your incredible knowledge of Miami's neighborhoods.

Medical Tourism

Travel to Turkey for high-quality, lower price cosmetic surgery.

Food Blog

Some of my favorite places to dine can be found in the Food section of my blog.

The Tours
The Tours

My Favorite Places

The crazy, amazing, and crazy amazing thing about Miami is that it is like many cities in one. You can go to a different neighborhood and feel as if you were in another part of the world. Here to help you navigate the vibes you want to chase, the Neighborhood Breakdown, below: 

Step by Step

How To Book a Private Tour

Are you coming to Miami on a corporate trip? Perhaps you’re getting together for a family reunion? Or you need a tour leader in Miami for your group of school children? To reserve a quote you should have as most information about your trip as possible. Customization is always a good idea and having enough time to prepare is also helpful. Contact me using the form below and we will get your trip settled!

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