Neighborhoods in Miami

Neighborhood Breakdown

Each neighborhood in Miami has something different to offer and I bet there are a couple that you haven’t heard about. Read about each neighborhood below and decide where you would like to go visit. I have tours in every neighborhood and you can go to the bottom of the page for pictures. 


Downtown Miami



Undergoing a restoration process, downtown Miami used to be the central hub of the city up until the 1950s when it became completely abandoned. After many years, the city has realized this prime real estate deserves to be renovated and is putting a lot of money into revitalizing this area. Currently, you can find some great underground bars in Downtown including Mama Tried, Lost Boy, Black Market, and many others. In Downtown Miami you can also find Bayside Marketplace, the Freedom Tower, Bayfront Park, FTX Arena, Frost Science Museum, Perez Art Museum, and the Adrienne Arsht Center. 


Miami Beach 


Miami Beach is one of my favorite neighborhoods because of it’s rich history. It is seen as a place of flash, party, and opulence but to me it is a neighborhood filled with Art Deco architecture, a city that was used as a training ground for WWII, and where many Holocaust survivors called home. Miami Beach is special in many ways and once you take a step back and learn the history, it becomes even more beautiful. 




Miami’s financial district and the upscale version of Downtown, Brickell is where you can go to find your Miami sugar daddy. Just kidding, but also not really. Brickell is considered the New York of the South and the most high-end restaurants can be found here. Just to name a few of Brickell’s most famous restaurants; Komodo, Dolores but they call me Lolita, Pubbelly, and many more. Brickell also has Brickell City Centre, a shopping mall that was opened in 2016 and offers luxurious boutique shopping. Its cozy neighbor, Mary Brickell Village is another great place to do some shopping, drinking, and eating. Brickell is serviced by the Metromover, a free autonomous transportation service. 




 What used to be a factory district is now the world’s largest open-air art gallery and where the locals go to party. This area is truly so unique and I highly recommend tourists visit Wynwood. When Tony Goldman visited the area we now call Wynwood, what others saw as a ghost town, he saw as a perfect canvas for art. Since this was a factory district all the buildings had minimal windows & doors so they were a perfect blank slate for graffiti murals. On a Wynwood Arts tour, we explore the different styles of graffiti, what artists we have featured, and the background of the area. 


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Little Havana


If you have never been to Cuba here is your chance! No visa is needed. This popular tourist area is popular for great reason. It is filled with local Hispanic-owned businesses all of them offering a truly local experience. Plus, it is also one of the last places in Miami where you can have lunch at a reasonable price. The area of Little Havana that is most popular is Calle Ocho, which translates to 8th street, and the reason for this is because 8th street was the first street created to enter the city of Miami. Calle Ocho is the lifeblood of Miami and where everything started to blossom. 


Coconut Grove 


Another underrated area of Miami is Miami’s oldest neighborhood, the Coconut Grove. You better believe there is a lot to do and see here including going to see Miami’s oldest home, the Barnacle. Coconut Grove has done a wonderful job of separating itself from the raucousness of Miami and keeping a classier vibe. So if you are looking for an area more luxurious than any other, Coconut Grove is a must. There is plenty of shopping, restaurants, culture, and you can even do sailboat tours out of here! 


Design District


Lastly, Design District is one of the newer areas of Miami. Close to Wynwood, this is truly the most elite neighborhood as you won’t find Tom Ford, Tesla, & Gucci as next-door neighbors anywhere else. Not only is there luxury shopping available here but it is also an incredibly photogenic neighborhood, with photo ops in every corner. 

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