About Me

I am Carolina

And I want to take you around Miami!

Unlike any other tour company or tour guide I have zest, passion, and knowledge of my beautiful city. I have lived in Miami since I was 3 years old, after my family immigrated from Colombia, and decided to work as a tour guide during my university years. I very quickly fell in love with the history, diversity, and uniqueness of Miami and knew I wanted to continue preserving our history.

Every Monday I am doing virtual tours and release a new episode in a series titled “Miami Mondays”. I take you all around the streets of Miami as I bike and rollerblade to show you different historical landmarks.

I am available for private tours! As small as 1-person tours and can expand up to 55-people!

What do people think?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We were very lucky to get Carolina as a tour guide. We enjoyed some exciting hours under her lead – she obviously knows Miami very good. We saw a lot of wonderful places and she gave us interesting information. We could feel her joy and her commitment and we too appreciated her manner and her winning laugh. We hope that a lot of other tourists will have the possibility to enjoy her enthusiasm. 

~Rene Reinhart from Switzerland

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Caro is an amazing Tour Guide! She is an incredibly warm and friendly person who makes you feel like she is your best friend giving you the inside scoop on Miami and its history. She is so incredibly knowledgeable about Miami and its history and included so many tidbits about the different neighborhoods around Miami that were interesting and informative. She was always willing to go above and beyond to make sure that everyone on our tour was getting whatever it was that we needed. A few of us were hungry during our tour, so she took us on a quick side trip to Coyo Taco in Wynwood while others were looking at the Wynwood Walls. Not only did Coyo Taco have amazing tacos, but Caro also informed us that it was the place where Obama made a pitstop on that famous trip to Miami just after he left office. Caro was a great resource for information on Miami’s best spots and she even gave us tips on where to go out that night after our tour. You may think that that is where our tour with Caro ended, but then she ended up joining us at the location she told us about that night and continued to enhance our Miami experience even after she was officially off the clock. Caro goes above and beyond what is required of the average Tour Guide and I could not recommend taking a tour with her more! If you’re in Miami you need to take a tour with Caro the Tour Guide!

~Kelsy Benton from Vancouver, Washington

Rating: 5 out of 5.

On our visit to Miami, from the moment Carolina brought her wonderful energy to the group, we felt like we had a personal close friend guiding us around! She was knowledgeable and brought the culture to life! Caro brings an energy that solidified the vacation vibes, celebrating our vacation with us, and made us crave more Miami!
She was excited to share her city with us, and went out of her way to make us feel at home. She had great recommendations (tacos, bars, restaurants, things to do, etc.) and I would 110% reach out to her next time I travel to Miami. Thanks, Caro – you made our trip unforgettable!

~Chelsey Lensing from Washington

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Disclaimer: I no longer do Segway tours, this was for a previous tour shop I worked in but regardless they are speaking more of the guide experience. I am also not endorsing this particular shop in any way.