Out with the tour group!

Imagine doing a tour for 22 girls aged 18-25… best. tour. ever! We had a blast and we went clubbing at Los Altos, Brick, and the Deck! Yes, all three! I’ll never forget them.

Versace Mansion

It’s proper name is Casa Casuarina and was built in the 1930s. Versace inhabited it in the late 70’s and some credit him for bringing life to South Beach.

Night Wynwood tour for the Danes!

Sometimes Miami is just a layover for some but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! I took this lovely Danish family around Wynwood in the nighttime and we dined at Bakan.

They love me at La Carreta

The handwritten sign made by La Carreta’s in-house bartender reads “Carolina, we love you at La Carreta” in Spanish.

At the filming for American Crime Story: Versace

Yes I was there… and I was a star!!! Just kidding, but I did get to see the series be filmed front-and-center. If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend! I tell of Versace’s life and story during my South Beach tour.

Private Everglades Tour

This group from Poland were very excited to see some real-life alligators! We took a private 40-minute airboat around the famous River of Grass and ended the day with an informational show about the lifestyle of the gator.

Private Tour for One!

Coming from Ohio, I took Scott around Brickell and the Downtown of Miami! After the tour I took him to my favorite Colombian restaurant, San Pocho! Yummm.

Did you know I’m Miami’s only flying tour guide???